Before the meeting

The success of the team depends on the active involvement of all the team members. Team members should participate fully in all meetings. The following are some meaningful guidelines to assist the team in conducting an effective meeting:

■ Brainstorm ideas. Review the focus statement and write your ideas on everything you know about the focus.

■ Evaluate what you know. Start with ideas you brainstormed and gather any additional information you may need. Analyze the information trying to determine the specific opportunity, problem, or root cause.

■ Formulate alternatives. Generate a list of alternatives to accomplish the focus.

■ Orient toward one alternative. Determine one alternative you can support. This is your starting position based on the information you know. During the meeting, you may change your alternative based on additional information provided by other team members.

■ Review agenda to ensure you are prepared with information, status, or assignments.

■ Ensure you complete any assignments. The team depends on you to accomplish your specific actions. Even if you cannot make the meeting, try to make sure your assignments are on-time.

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