■ Difficult for one person to dominate the discussion.

■ Everyone is given an opportunity to participate fully.

Disadvantage. People feel frustration while waiting their turn.

Free-wheeling. Each team member calls out ideas freely and in a random order. Every idea is recorded on a flip chart or board. The process continues until no one has anything else to add.

Advantage. Spontaneous and no restrictions. Disadvantages

■ Some individuals may dominate.

■ Quiet team member may be reluctant to speak.

■ Chaotic, if too many people talk at the same time.

Slip. Team members writes all their ideas on an issue, a problem, or an alternative on a piece of paper. Then the slips are collected and all the ideas are written on the board. A variation to this method is the Crawford Slip method where each idea is written on a separate slip of paper. The slips are then put on a board and arranged in categories.

Advantage. All ideas are recorded and all contributions are anonymous.

Disadvantage. Some creativity may be lost due to the inability of the other team members to react to the contribution of others.

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