Working with Hyperlinks

A hyperlink is a mechanism that enables you to jump from the currently displayed document to another document on your hard drive or on a computer network, or to an Internet address (referred to as a Uniform Resource Locator, or URL).

You can insert hyperlinks to Internet addresses within your project file. This way, you or someone who is using your schedule can move instantly to an area on the Web that contains related information or images. For example, if your project involves the design of a network for your company, you can insert a hyperlink in your schedule that links to the network software vendor's home page so that you can find answers to technical questions or order software.

Or, suppose that your company is planning to move into a new manufacturing facility, and the Finance department has placed the budget for the move in an Excel spreadsheet on your company's network. You, on the other hand, must manage the move and have created a project schedule that deals with moving all the equipment into your new manufacturing facility. You can place a hyperlink in the project schedule that connects to the Excel file that contains the budget for the move to the new facility. The hyperlink appears as an icon in the Indicator field of the Gantt Chart. When you open the project file and click that hyperlink, the Excel file appears so that you can check on the budgeted dollars for each aspect of the move.

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