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As life would have it, you may not work on only one project at a time. To help you manage your time, the Project Center in Project Web Access enables you to view tasks from more than one project at a time. In the Project Center, you can see individual projects, or you may see Project Center views, which are collections of projects. The administrator creates Project Center views and then identifies the team members who can view each Project Center view

You must have appropriate permissions from the Project Server administrator to view projects in the Project Center.


In Chapter 19, you see how the administrator creates a Project Center view.

When you click the Projects tab in Project Web Access to view the Project Center, you see line-item entries that represent Web-based projects, as shown in Figure 21-35. Typically, you see entries for projects for which you have work assigned, but what you see depends on your security setting. On each line, you see a Gantt bar that shows you the duration of the project and progress that's been made on the project so far.

Figure 21-35: In the Project Center, you see one-line entries representing projects that are stored in the Project Server database.

You can organize the projects by using the list boxes that appear on the Filter, Group, Search tab, as shown in Figure 21-36, and you can open a particular project in Project Web Access by clicking the link that appears in the Project Name column.

Figure 21-36: Organize the projects that appear in the Project Center by using the choices on the Filter, Group, Search tab.

When you open a project, you choose a view using the Choose a view list box at the top of the page; in Figure 21-37, you see the Tasks Tracking view. Again, you can organize the tasks in the project, or you can zoom in or out or go to a particular task.

You can also view your assignments from the Resource Center, as shown in Figure 21-38. Click the Resources tab, and then click the View resource assignments link in the Actions pane. From the Enterprise Resource Pool, select the resource whose assignments you want to view. You can see assignments for the resources that you have permission to view.

Figure 21-37: When you open a project, you can choose the view of that project that you want to see.

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Tim esheet format a Gantt Chart

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Add/Remove Resources

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Actions: View enterprise resources in Resource Center

Analyze resources in Portfolio Analyzer

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- Rob's To Do List


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Rob's TO DO List



Export Grid to Excel

View resource assignments

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Figure 21-38: Viewing your assignments.

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