Using the Tracking Gantt view

The Tracking Gantt view, shown in Figure 12-19, uses the Entry table and probably provides the most effective picture of your project's progress. The bottom bar on the chart portion of the view (black hatching on your screen) represents the baseline dates for each task. The top bar spans either the scheduled start and finish dates or (if a task has been completed) the actual start and finish dates for each task.

Figure 12-19: The Tracking Gantt view helps you understand the progress of your project.

Tip If a task is finished, a check mark appears in the Indicator column on the left side of the view next to the task.

Project formats the task bar to indicate the task's status as follows:

4 If a task is scheduled, but not yet complete, the top bar appears as blue hatching (it appears red if the task is on the critical path).

4 If the task is complete, the bar appears solid blue (it appears red if the task is on the critical path).

4 If a task is partially complete, the completed portion appears as solid blue in the top bar, but the unfinished portion appears as blue hatching (red hatching appears if the task is on the critical path).

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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