Using Actuals and Costs

Except for fixed-cost tasks, Project uses the cost of the resources that are assigned to the task over the duration of the task to calculate a task's cost. Costs are accrued, and total project costs are the sum of all resource and fixed costs. Therefore, if you previously set up and assigned resources to your tasks, Project has been calculating and accruing the costs for you — all you need to do is review and analyze the costs.

Alternatively, you may have chosen not to assign resources to your tasks, or you may have changed your default options so that Project wouldn't calculate costs. How can you do that? Choose Tools O Options to display the Options dialog box. On the Calculation tab, look at the Calculation options for your project, as shown in Figure 12-7. If the Updating task status updates resource status check box is not selected, Project has not been calculating your project's costs. Remember, however, that this check box is selected by default, as you see in the figure.


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Figure 12-7: From the Calculation tab of the Options dialog box, you can tell whether Project has been calculating your project's costs.

If you did not assign resources or you changed the defaults, Project can't calculate the cost of your project unless you provide additional information after the task is completed. You can review and update your project's costs from one of two cost tables: the Cost table for tasks or the Cost table for resources. You can also override the costs that Project assigns.

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