Understanding General Importing and Exporting Concepts

Importing is the process of bringing information into a Project file from another program. Exporting is the process of sending information from Project to another program. When you import or export information, you use an import/export map. Project comes with a series of useful import/export maps that you can edit if necessary, or you can create a custom map. To view, copy, or edit any of the predefined import/export maps, or to create your own map, you use the Import/Export Wizard.

Think of an import/export map as a template that Project uses to correctly translate information from one program to another. An import/export map defines the information that you want to import or export and enables you to describe how to match the information in the Project file with the information in the other program's file. For example, when you charted earned value in Excel in Chapter 14, you selected the Earned Value Information export map to send the data to Excel. This mapping information told Project what data to send to Excel for charting and how to identify the information in Excel. Whenever you import or export, you can use one of the predefined maps that comes with Project, or you can create a new map. Because the wizard walks you through the process, creating a new map is fairly easy to do.

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