Importing and exporting can be tricky operations. Little things go wrong that cause these operations to fail. This section suggests ways to solve some of the problems that you may encounter while importing or exporting.

On a general note, use some common procedures when you export or import data. For example:

♦ Create a table on which to base your export/import map.

♦ Include unique identifier fields in export/import maps whenever possible to ensure traceability.

♦ Include descriptive fields to make the export/import easy to read.

♦ When updating existing project data, first import to a new project and use the Compare Project Versions utility to confirm correct mappings. Display the Compare Project Versions toolbar and click the Compare Project Versions button. Project displays the box you see in Figure 26-33. Select the two projects and the task and resource tables to compare.

♦ Save the Map so that you can compare it easily.

None of the above techniques are trouble-free, but getting in the habit of creating repeatable and verifiable maps will help you avoid many problems.

Figure 26-33: Use this box to select two projects to compare.
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