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Two versions of Microsoft Project 2003 will be available. You can purchase Project 2003 Standard or Project 2003 Professional. These products differ only in the way that they support Project Server, which is Project's tool to manage projects on the Web.

The functionality of Project Server has been expanded, and you can no longer use Project Server with Project Standard 2003 like you could with Project Server 2002. Instead, to use Project Server 2003, you must also use Project Professional 2003. In this book, I assume that you're using Project Professional.

See Part VI for more information on using Project Server.

If you are not connected to Project Server, you'll see no difference in functionality between Project 2003 Standard and Project 2003 Professional. You see commands in Project 2003 Professional that you don't see in Project 2003 Standard, but the commands aren't available for use.

See Part VI for more information about Project Server and Project Web Access.

Although Microsoft Project doesn't come with Microsoft Office software, Project is a member of the Microsoft Office family. Consequently, Project uses the standard Microsoft Office menu and toolbar structure and contains some of the familiar Microsoft Office tools.

What is Project Server?

Project Server enables you to manage projects on your company's intranet or on the Internet — and only the manager must install and use Microsoft Project. Everyone else on the project uses Project Web Access, the Web-based product that connects to the Project Server database that contains your project data. You open Project Web Access by typing the URL to the Project Server database into Internet Explorer version 5.5 (or later). Using Project Web Access instead of Microsoft Project, resources can, among other things, do the following:

♦ View a project's Gantt Chart

♦ Receive, refuse, and delegate work assignments

♦ Update assignments with progress and completion information

♦ Attach supporting documentation, such as budget estimates or feasibility studies, to a project

♦ Receive notices about task status

♦ Send status reports to the project manager

Project managers can do even more than resources. For example, by using Project Server, project managers have access to a company-wide resource pool (called the Enterprise Resource Pool) that tracks resource allocations across projects. If a project manager finds that a specific resource is unavailable, he can define the requirements for the job and let Project Server tools search the Enterprise Research Pool to find another resource with the same skills.

Tip Project contains a View bar that functions similarly to the one in Outlook,

Microsoft's organizer, e-mail, and calendar program. It enables you to switch * among views and functions in the software. You can choose to hide or display the View bar. Open the View menu; if a check appears next to View Bar, Project displays the View bar. Click View Bar to remove the check and hide the View bar.

Note The figures throughout this book don't show the View bar.

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