Specifying a booking type

New ^ Project 2003 introduces the Booking Type field. Feature

Starting with Project 2003, you can specify a booking type for a resource assignment. Booking types are most useful in the Enterprise environment, where you are utilizing the Enterprise Resource Pool.

The Booking type field offers you two choices: Committed and Proposed (see Figure 5-3). When you commit a resource, you are officially assigning the resource to the project. When you propose to use a resource, you are indicating that the resource is not yet officially assigned to the project, which essentially leaves the resource's calendar untouched by the proposed assignment to your project. Another project manager could commit the resource to a different project for the same time frame, and Microsoft Project will not identify the resource as being overallocated. Project does not consider proposed bookings when calculating resource allocation.


Tip The Booking type that you choose for a resource applies to all tasks in your project to which you assign the resource.

Figure 5-3: Specify whether to commit a resource or simply propose its use.
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    Is booking type in a project just relating to that project?
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