Setting up the workgroup in Project

Within Project, you set up a workgroup by establishing a workgroup manager and the members of the workgroup. You can then exchange workgroup messages via e-mail. This exchange of information enables the workgroup manager to alert workgroup members to task assignments by using commands on Project's Publish menu. Workgroup members can then return information to the workgroup manager via e-mail, which the manager can use for tracking progress throughout the life of the project. Finally, managers can use commands that are on the Publish menu to notify workgroup members about shifts in the schedule or other project parameters.

The workgroup manager builds and maintains the project schedule and makes task assignments. (In most cases, the workgroup manager is also the project manager.) The "boss" creates the schedule, makes assignments, and uses communications from workgroup members to track their activities.

Note Because Project Server is the preferred method of collaborating, and users of

Project Server use many of the same dialog boxes as e-mail collaborators, you see references to Project Server in many of the screens that appear throughout this chapter.

As the workgroup manager, you must first install and set up Project to enable workgroup management on your computer. Although workgroup members can also install Project on their computers, this step isn't necessary. On your computer, complete the following steps to set up a particular project to exchange information via e-mail:

1. Choose ToolsOOptions.

2. Click the Collaborate tab to select it, as shown in Figure 16-6.


View Save Schedule

Générai Interface Calculation

Collaboration options for 'confejence-2002.mpp' Co|aborate using: frojert Server URL:

rdfir&lît^pHfcr Pr

Edit Security Spelling

Maosoft Office Project Server

Microsoft Office Project Server E-mal only


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F r Set as Default |


Figure 16-6: To use e-mail for workgroup management, set the collaboration options to E-mail only.

3. Open the Collaborate using list box, and choose E-mail only. Project displays a message indicating that Project Server is the preferred method of collaboration. Click OK to accept the message.

See Chapters 16 through 22 for more information about setting up Project for workgroup management by using your company's intranet or the Internet.

4. Click the General tab.

5. In the User name box, fill in the workgroup manager's e-mail address, as shown in Figure 16-7, so that workgroup members who receive e-mail from the manager can respond to that e-mail.

6. Click OK to save your settings.


Save Schedule

Interface CalcLflatlon Generé

Security 5pe3lno Edit

Collaborate Calendar

General options for Microsoft Office Prolect

Show startup Task Pane I- Set AutoFilter on for new projects r Open East fjle on startup W Recently used file list: [4 j^j er

I- Prompt for project irio for new projects User name: | [email protected],cocn

Planning Wizard

P? Advice from Planning Wizard

(■ Advice about using Microsoft Office Project fs Advice about scheduling P Advice about errors Generai options for 'conference-2002.mpp' F Automatically add new resources and tasks Default standard rate: |$0.00/h Default overtime rate: | £0.00/h

Service Options,,.

s Default [


Figure 16-7: Fill in the e-mail address of the workgroup manager.

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