Setting schedule options

You also can modify the way in which Project enters task information. In the Options dialog box (if it isn't open, choose ToolsOOptions), click the Schedule tab to change the default settings for entering tasks, as shown in Figure 3-6. On this tab, you determine the default unit of time for entering task durations (the default is days), work time (hours), and whether new tasks start on the project start date or the current date. For example, if you are working on a five-year project in which most tasks run for months — not days — you may want to change the default setting for the Duration is entered in field. If you prefer to have any new tasks begin no earlier than the current date, you can adjust the setting for New tasks. As you gain experience in entering information, you will find ways to customize Project to match your work style.

Figure 3-6: The Schedule tab is where you modify the default settings for entering tasks.

When you are satisfied with the settings on the Schedule tab, click OK to close the Options dialog box.

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