Setting a projects Webbased options

While logged on to the Project Server database, follow these steps to set the options of a project to use Web communications:

1. Choose ToolsOOptions.

2. Click the Collaborate tab, as shown in Figure 20-6.

3. In the Collaborate using drop-down list, select Microsoft Office Project Server. See Chapter 16 for more information about setting up a project schedule to col-

4. In the Project Server URL box, enter the URL that resources should use in their Web browsers to display Project Web Access. This Internet address points to a Web server or your organizational server and a folder that contains the Project Server database. It is the same URL that you supplied when you created your Project Server logon account.


♦ Set the project's options to use Web communications

♦ Publish project information to the Project Server database laborate using e-mail.

laborate using e-mail.

Figure 20-6: To set a project's options for Web communication, use the Collaborate tab in the Options dialog box.

5. For the method of identification, you can specify one of the following methods:

• Use Windows logon information by selecting the Windows user account option button.

• Use Microsoft Project user names, which you can set on the General tab in the Options dialog box.

Tip The name on the General tab is grayed out and can't be changed when you are logged on to Project Server. You must open Project Professional without logging * on to Project Server to be able to change the user name on the General tab.

6. In the E-mail address box, type in the e-mail address of the person who should receive notifications about assignment updates; typically, this is the project manager.

7. At the bottom of the tab, choose whether resources can delegate tasks in Project Web Access, and what updated information is sent to the Project Server database when you save your project. You can also choose the types of changes that will cause resources' assignments to be updated.

8. Click OK to save your settings.

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