Reviewing Your Portfolio

When you click the Projects link at the top of the Project Web Access (PWA) page, you see the Project Center, as shown in Figure 22-1. This opening view provides a high-level picture of all the projects that you have security permissions to view.

You can use the To-Do List feature in Project Web Access to keep track of things that may turn into projects in the future. If you use the To-Do List feature, the items in the list can be converted into a project in Project Professional. For more information on the To-Do List in PWA, see Chapter 20.

Figure 22-1: In the Project Center, you see projects for which you have security permissions to view.

Your organization can create custom views for the Project Center, each providing you with different kinds of detail. Use the Choose a view list box to see the views that are available to you (see Figure 22-2).

In the sample database for A. Datum Corporation, the A. Datum Executive Summary view has been customized to include color indicators that help a viewer determine, at a glance, projects that pose potential problems (don't you love that alliteration?). As you move the cursor over an indicator, you see a tip that describes the meaning of that indicator (see Figure 22-3).

You can drill down in any project and use additional views to see different kinds of detail. In Figure 22-4, I drilled down in the 100X DVD Drive project in the sample database because the project is running behind schedule, and I want to try to determine why. After the project appeared on-screen, I selected the A. Datum Project Detail view. Other views in the Choose a view list box provide different kinds of detail for the selected project.

Figure 22-2: Use this list box to select different views of your portfolio of projects.
Figure 22-3: Your organization can use indicators in customized views to help draw your attention.

a Microsoft Office Project Web Access 2DÛ3 - projeclserver - Microsoft Internet Explorer

File Edit View Favorites Tools Help

QBaek ▼ i Search Favorites ttf Media ^J ' .. ▼ ^

Address http:/Vpro jeelseEver>sampfe>Views/ProjectReport asp?_projectlD =103t_viewlD =111 tnoBantei-0 Go Links :

Altero sol t"Ofllcc i :ii Project Web Access

Log Off I llefy

Home I Tasks | Projects | Resources | Status Reports | Risks | Issues | Documents s lcicx DVD Drive

View A Project

Choose a view: | A. Datum Project Detail

Go to current project workspace {100X DVD Drive)

LU I View Options | Filter, Group, Search

* Link... | Lin^ Risks | Li^k Issues | ^Link Documents | | | ¿¡T

View projects in Project Center

Analyze projects in Portfolio Analyzer

Model projects with Portfolio Modeler

Create anew personal or shared to-do list

Manage my to-do fists

To-do list options

Check in my projects

* Link... | Lin^ Risks | Li^k Issues | ^Link Documents | | | ¿¡T


Task Name

budget Indicator

Schedule Indícate

Evaluate the market



Analyze the competition



B Technical Feasibility Analysis



Produce lab scale product



Evaluate internal product



Identify production process steps reqc



Assess manufacturing capabilities


Determine safety issues



Determine environmental issues






Export Grid to Excel

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Figure 22-4: Drill down in a project to view details.

After viewing the project, I scrolled down to find the Assess manufacturing capabilities task, the first task with a red indicator in the Schedule Indicator column, because that would be the first task that is behind schedule. To try to determine why the task is behind schedule, I use the Portfolio Analyzer in the next section.

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