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The Resource Graph view shows how a particular resource is being used on a project. You can use the Resource Graph view to spot and correct resources that are inappropriately allocated. Note that the Resource Graph view shows information for one resource at a time. To view a different resource, click the scroll arrows that appear below the left pane in this window. This view works well as part of a combination view.

The Resource Graph view highlights resource conflicts: people, equipment, or other resources that are being overworked or underutilized. Looking at the Resource Graph view as both a single and combination view can show you how assignments on individual tasks are affecting a resource's utilization on a project. Figure 6-27 shows the main Resource Graph view. Figure 6-28 shows the combination view, with details of the tasks being performed shown at the bottom of the Project window. You can create this view by choosing WindowOSplit.

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Figure 6-27: The percentage of a person's available work time is tracked and displayed as overallocated and underallocated.

Figure 6-27: The percentage of a person's available work time is tracked and displayed as overallocated and underallocated.

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Figure 6-28: Displaying task information beneath a Resource Graph can help you to see which work assignments are keeping the resource busy.

Project displays a resource's total work hours on any particular day as a bar. A bar that falls short of the 100 percent mark indicates that a resource isn't working fulltime and may be underutilized. A bar that extends beyond 100 percent indicates that someone is working too many hours in a day. The percentage of the workday that the resource is working appears at the bottom of the usage bars.

Note Underutilization may indicate that a resource is busy with other projects the rest of that day, and overutilization may signal occasional and acceptable overtime. See Chapter 8 for more information about interpreting these bars. See Chapter 10 for more details about resolving conflicts in resource time.

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