Requesting a status update

As the workgroup manager, you may periodically want to request a status report from your team members. To do so, choose CollaborateORequest Progress Information. Project displays the usual message about saving your project and then displays the Request Progress Information dialog box, as shown in Figure 16-18. You can select tasks prior to opening this dialog box to request status updates for the selected items.

Project Update Task Dialog Box
Figure 16-18: Use this dialog box to request status updates from some or all resources for some or all tasks.

You can view information in this dialog box either by resource or by task. As with the other dialog boxes in this chapter, you can edit the message text and specify a time frame for which you want to receive status information.

The team member receives an e-mail message that contains an attachment with the .MTM extension, as shown in Figure 16-19.

rj Request Progress Information _Q

To: [email protected],net Date: NA

From: noyb2i3>earttilrfc.,net Sublect: Request Progress Information Message:

Please update your status on the tasks listed below. Thank you.

Report period for 'conference-1610-back': Sun 7/27/2003 to Sat 8/2/2003

Task Name

I Work 1


Determine budget


Mon 7/28/2003 8:00/

Invitation list


Thu 7/31/2003 8:00/




Clckthe Reply button and h the respective columns, enter the amount cf work you have completed.

Clckthe Reply button and h the respective columns, enter the amount cf work you have completed.

Figure 16-19: To respond to the Progress Information request, the recipient clicks the Reply button —and the Reply button changes to the Send button.

While not visible in the figure, team members can scroll to the right in the Report period for section and edit the task information fields for Start, Remaining Work, and the days of the week. The team member enters information in the Remaining Work field that reflects actual work progress, optionally adds a return message about the status of the tasks, and then clicks Send to return the message to the workgroup manager. When the manager receives the response and clicks the Update Project button at the top of the message, Project uses the team member's entries to automatically update the tasks in the actual schedule.

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