Republishing assignments

As the workgroup manager, you may feel the need to periodically republish assignments, even if they haven't changed. You can republish all or selected assignments by choosing CollaborateOPublishORepublish Assignments. Project displays the Republish Assignments dialog box, as shown in Figure 16-16, which closely resembles the Publish New and Changed Assignments dialog box. When you choose this command, Project creates e-mail messages for all resources — even if you previously sent messages to and received replies from them.

Team members receive an e-mail that contains an attachment with the .MTM extension. When the team member opens the attachment, he or she sees the Republish Assignments reply dialog box, as shown in Figure 16-17. To accept an assignment received through e-mail, the team member keeps the Yes in the Accept? column. To decline the assignment, the recipient double-clicks in the Accept? column to change Yes to No, or the recipient can type N in the Accept? column. If appropriate, the recipient can enter a message and click Reply.

Republish Alignments___

Republish assignments for: |Selected items ^J

The assignments m the preview below wll be republished even if they have already been published to Project Server. Repubiishng assignments is useful f you need to recover data or force an update of assignment riformation that doesn't affect schedulng,


P Notfy all affected resources via e-mail Edit message text. ■. | I- Overwrite actual work entered by resources F Become the manager for these assignments

Figure 16-16: Use this dialog box to republish assignments.

Reply 1 dose

To: [email protected]'thlenk,net

Date: NA

From: noyb2i3>

Sublect: Republish Assignments


Below are the latest schediie changes. Contact your project manager if there are any

problems with the changes.

Project: "conference-1610-back1

Accept? [ Task Name [ Work | Start


< H >

Ckkthe Reply buttcn and hdicate any tasks that you cannot accept by changlno the value in the

Accept? column to 'Mo'.

Figure 16-17: Use this dialog box to respond to an assignment.


The check boxes at the bottom of the Republish Assignments dialog box apply to Project Server.

After the workgroup member sends a reply, the workgroup manager receives an e-mail with the .MTM extension. When the workgroup manager opens the attachment, a dialog box that contains an Update Project button appears (as shown previously in Figure 16-12). The workgroup manager can click this button to transfer the changes to the project schedule. If she does so, Project opens and applies the changes.

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