Reporting Status

Project Web Access provides you with status reports that you can send to your project manager.

Tip Don't forget: You can create an issue if you've run into something unexpected that you want to report; other team members, as well as your project manager, can see > and comment on the issue.

You've already seen how Project Web Access enables you to send updates from the View my tasks page. But you can also send both solicited and unsolicited status reports to your project manager. Click the Status Reports tab, and click the Submit a status report link in the Actions pane. If your project manager has not requested a status report, you see a page like the one that's shown in Figure 21-39. If your project manager has set up status reports that are due on certain dates, you see a notice on your home page like the one that's shown in Figure 21-40.

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^ Submit a status report

^ Even if your manager has not requested any status reports from you, you can create and submit your G Submit a status report own report to one or more people. To create a status report, simply insert the sections you want k ^ the report to contain, and enter data for each section.

unrequested status Create and submit your own status report report

Report Name:

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| Submit a status report |

Click here to add section

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Figure 21-39: Use this page to submit an unsolicited status report or to simply communicate with other members of your team.

Figure 21-40: Use the Status Reports section of your home page to display the status report layout as requested by your project manager.


You may only be able to send solicited status reports, depending on your security settings.

You can click the link on your home page to open the status report, or you can go to the Status Reports page, where you see a link to the status report that your manager has requested. When you click either link, you see a page that is similar to the one shown in Figure 21-41. The page that you see depends on the status report that your manager sets up. Fill in the report. If you need to include information that doesn't fit in any of the existing sections, you can add a section at the bottom of the report. When you're ready to submit the report, click the Send button at the bottom of the page.

Figure 21-41: A typical status report page.
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