Redefining a resources calendar

If your resource is a salaried resource, you may have the option of redefining a resource's calendar so that hours typically considered nonworking (and therefore charged at an overtime rate if worked) become working hours. If a resource has a conflict and the number of hours in conflict on a given day is low enough, you can eliminate the conflict by increasing the working hours for the resource for that day

Note You can make this kind of change to any resource — Project won't stop you. But you need to consider the effects on the cost of your project. If you are paying a resource at an overtime rate for working during nonworking hours, you don't want to change nonworking hours to working hours in Project. If you do, you will understate the cost of your project.

To change a resource's working calendar, go to the Resource Usage view. Identify the resource that has a conflict, and note the number of hours that the conflict involves. Double-click the resource that has a conflict to open the Resource Information dialog box for that resource. Click the Working Time tab to view that resource's calendar, as shown in Figure 10-9.

Figure 10-9: Use the Working Time tab of the Resource Information dialog box to change the standard working hours for the resource.

To change the standard working hours for a resource, follow these steps:

1. Click the first date on which the resource is overallocated.

2. Select the Use default option button.

3. Use the From and To boxes to set up nonstandard working hours for that day.

4. Repeat this process for each day that you want to change the work schedule for a particular resource.

5. Click OK when you finish.

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