Other ways to open or start projects

You can base your project on one of the templates that became available in Project 2000. Templates contain "standard" information to help you get started quickly. Instead of entering tasks, you may need only to edit tasks. Choose FileONew. In the New Project task pane that appears, click one of the three links that are available to search for templates. You can search at the Office Online Web site, on your computer, or on your Web sites.

Note You may need your Project 2003 CD to install the template.



To open a project that you previously saved, you can use the Getting Started task pane shown in Figure 3-1. If you see the project that you want to open listed in the Open section of the Getting Started task pane, click the project name.

Note Instead of the Getting Started task pane, you might see the Search Results, Help, or New Project task panes at the left side of the screen. If so, click the task pane arrow and then click Getting Started. If you see the Project Guide instead of any of the task panes, and you want to display the Getting Started task pane, right-click any toolbar and choose Task Pane.

Otherwise, click More in the Open section of the Getting Started task pane to display the Open dialog box (see Figure 3-2) and navigate to the folder where you store projects to open the project.

Note |f you're using Project Server, you see the Open from Microsoft Project Server win dow, in which you can choose a project that's available through Project Server. If your project is not stored in the Project Server database, click the Open from File button and then navigate to the folder where you saved your project.

Figure 3-1: The Getting Started task pane appears on the left side of the Project window and enables you to create new projects from templates or to open existing projects.
Figure 3-2: Use the Open dialog box to navigate to the folder where you store projects, and select a project to open.

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