Notifying resources of assignments

The project manager assigns work to resources. To notify the resources of the work assignments, the project manager publishes the assignments. At a minimum, the team members receive notifications in Project Web Access of new or updated assignments. If your organization chooses, team members may also receive e-mail notifications.

After making assignments in Project, follow these steps to send work assignments to resources:

1. (Optional) Select tasks about which to notify resources of work assignments.

2. Choose CollaborateOPublish. At this point, you have the following choices:

• Choose New and Changed Assignments to send notifications only about those assignments.

• Choose Republish Assignments to force Project to update all assignments.

3. When you choose Republish Assignments, Project displays the Republish Assignments dialog box, as shown in Figure 20-20, from which you can set options for updating assignments. Before you click OK, you can choose to do any of the following:

• Send e-mail messages to all affected resources. The e-mail message is sent in addition to the notification that the resource sees in Project Web Access. In Figure 20-21, you see the standard e-mail notification that Project sends; you can modify this text by clicking the Edit message text button.

• Tell Project to overwrite actual work entered by resources.

• Become the manager for the assignments.

Figure 20-20: Use this window to send notice of work assignments to resources.

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Note Support for multiple managers began in Project Server 2002. You can be the man ager of one or more assignments without being the overall project manager. You become a manager not by publishing the project plan but by publishing an assignment for a task or assuming responsibility upon republishing assignments. You can only view and process resource updates on assignments for which you are the manager.

Suppose that you manage multiple projects with the same set of resources and you want to try to smooth work assignments and reduce overallocations across one or more projects. You can use the Resource Substitution Wizard to help you find resources to fill your needs.

The Resource Substitution Wizard can use different criteria to substitute resources. For example, the wizard can simply consider the resources in the projects that you select and reallocate them to better utilize their time. Or, the wizard can use the RBS (Resource Breakdown Structure) code that is assigned to resources to match skills required by resources that are already assigned to tasks and then substitute other resources with the same RBS code.

Note The Project Server administrator typically creates the RBS code; the creator of the resource (often the Project Server administrator) assigns the code to the resource.

To find out how to set up and assign the RBS code, see the Chapter 19.

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Figure 20-21: Standard e-mail notification text that Project sends.

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