Modifying node box styles

You can change the formatting of network diagram boxes individually, or you can change the formatting of a particular category of boxes. To change an individual box, select the box in the network diagram and choose FormatOBox to display the dialog box shown in Figure 8-18.

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Figure 8-18: To modify the appearance of a single box in the network diagram, use this dialog box.

While you make many changes there is a combined "effect." Use the Shape box to select one of ten shapes for the box. Similarly, use the Color box to identify the color for the lines of the box, and use the Width box to specify the width of the box's border. You also can set the Background color and pattern for the node. Make changes and watch the Preview to determine the effects of your changes. When you finish, click OK to save the changes.

To format a category of box, such as all Critical Milestones, use the Box Styles dialog box, shown in Figure 8-19. You can display this dialog box by choosing FormatOBox Styles.

Select the type of box that you want to format from the Style settings for list. The current settings for the box appear in the Preview window. The rest of the options in this dialog box are the same as the options in the Format Box dialog box, except for the Set highlight filter style check box. You can filter information on the network diagram, as you read in Chapter 7. Selecting the Set highlight filter style check box enables you to set the color that Project uses when filtering tasks on the network diagram.

Figure 8-19: Use this dialog box to select a category of box to format.

Tip You should make Name one of the pieces of information that you display. Otherwise, the flow of tasks in the network diagram chart is nearly incomprehensible.

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