Modifying graphics and drawings

You can also use the Format Drawing dialog box to format graphic object styles. To open this dialog box, right-click any drawing object and choose Properties from the shortcut menu that appears. You see the Size & Position tab initially (refer to Figure 8-39). Click the Line & Fill tab to see the choices that are shown in Figure 8-40.

Figure 8-40: Rather than cycling through fill colors by using the button on the Drawing toolbar, you can select a fill color from a drop-down palette in the Line & Fill tab of the Format Drawing dialog box.

In the Line panel, use the Color and Line drop-down options to assign a style of thickness and color to lines. In the Fill panel, use the Color and Pattern options to place a color and pattern, such as solid or thatched lines, inside an object.

Tip You can fill-color and pattern-fill the inside of a drawn object and the background area of clip art or other predrawn graphic object. The Preview box of Figure 8-36 * demonstrates how a fill pattern surrounds the clip art object — filling the background of the object rather than filling the object itself.

Resizing and moving drawings and other objects are similar to working with objects in other programs. These are described as follows:

♦ To resize an object: Click the object to select it. Click any of the eight selection handles, and drag inward to make the object smaller or drag outward to make the object larger.

♦ To move an object: Move your mouse pointer over the object until your cursor changes to four arrows. Click the object, hold down your mouse button, and drag the object anywhere in the Gantt Chart area. Release the mouse button to place the object.

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