Managing information in the Project Server database

The administrator can (and should) periodically delete old information from the Project Server database, because response time from the database increases as the database grows in size. To help maintain some semblance of speed for team members when they use the database, the administrator can delete old, unnecessary information by using the Clean up Project Server database page, shown in Figure 19-64. Display this page by clicking the Clean up Project Server database link in the Actions pane on the Admin tab.

Figure 19-64: Use this page to reduce the size of the database and speed the processing in the database.

Click the option buttons next to the types of items that you want to delete; note that you can selectively delete information. And, although you can't see these options in Figure 19-64, on the bottom of the Clean up Project Server database page, you can delete tasks, resource task changes, and status report information for all users or specified users. After setting up the page, click the Delete button at the bottom to delete the information.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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