Logging on to Project Server

You have the option of working with a project while connected to Project Server or working with the project in a stand-alone environment — and you make that choice when you start Project Professional.

For example, suppose that you use Project from a notebook computer while traveling. During your time away from the office, you want to keep track of the time that you spend working. If you manually control the connection state, which was discussed in the previous section, click the My Computer icon in the Project Server Accounts dialog box (shown previously in Figure 20-3) and then click the Work Offline button. If you chose to automatically detect the connection state, you won't connect to Project Server when you start Project if your computer isn't connected to the network.

The first time that you log on to Project Server, you see the message shown in Figure 20-4. Click the Make Server Trusted button, and then click the Retry accessing the Project Server link. If your organization chose to use Project Server authentication, you see the dialog box shown in Figure 20-5.

Project Server Security Loyon

Enter your logon information for the server http://pro)ectserver/sample:

I You cannot log m to the Project Server http://projectseruer/sample because you have not identified http://projectserver/sample as a trusted site in Internet Explorer.

To continue, you should make the site http://projectserver/sample a trusted site in Internet Explorer.

Note that when you trust a site, you are trusting the entire domain to which that site belongs. For example, if you trust the site http://serverl/projectserverj you are trusting the entire http://serverl domain.

! Make Server Trusted j

Retry accessing the Project Server - http://projectserver/sample

Figure 20-4: Make your Project Server site a trusted site the first time you log on.

Figure 20-5: Supply your password and click Go to finish opening Project and logging on to Project Server.

If you are connected to the Project Server database and you see a message that indicates you're not allowed to log on because the database is unavailable, double-check with the Project Server administrator, and make sure that you have been set up as a user in Project Server who belongs to the Project Managers group or any group with higher permission settings.

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