Identifying Trends and Potential Problems

Note To use the analysis and modeling tools that are described in this chapter, the Project Server administrator must build an OLAP (Online Analysis Processing) cube. Periodically, the cube must be rebuilt to keep the information that is being analyzed and modeled up to date. If you get an error message when trying to use the Portfolio Analyzer or you suspect that the information that you're seeing is out of date, contact your Project Server administrator.

- Cross- Chapter 19 describes how to build the OLAP cube and give rights to use it.

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The Portfolio Analyzer helps executives analyze project data to identify trends and potential problem areas.

Click the Analyze projects in Portfolio Analyzer link in the Actions pane. PWA displays a chart and PivotTable, with the PivotTable appearing below the chart. In Figure 22-5, I clicked the Chart link to display only the chart, and in Figure 22-6, I clicked the PivotTable link to display only the PivotTable.

Figure 22-5: The chart data.

Figure 22-5: The chart data.

You can save the chart, the PivotTable, or both as a . gi f file.

Figure 22-6: The PivotTable data on which the chart is based.

Again, use the Choose a view list box to look at the information in various ways and help identify the problem. I displayed the Manufacturing resource workload by skill view and then clicked the arrow in the Projects box to display information for only the published version of the 100X DVD Drive project. When I chose to view only the chart (see Figure 22-7), I could see that Bradley Beck is working more time than he is available for. On-screen, the bar for work is blue, and this bar appears to the left of the bar for availability, which is red.

Bradley Beck's work exceeds his availability.

Bradley Beck's work exceeds his availability.

Figure 22-7: The Portfolio Analyzer shows me that a resource is overworked.

The chart appeared a bit messy to me, so I redisplayed both the chart and the PivotTable and examined the PivotTable, shown in Figure 22-8, more closely.

Microsoft Office Project Web Access 2D03 - projectserver - Microsoft Internet Explorer


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1 Address hltp:/yproiectsetver>sampIe>ViewsA/isionView-asp?_oid=-1

ÈJ Go Links " I

Level Q2 * Resource "

Versions Projects

Time T

Resource RBS -

Published 10DX DVD Drrvs.Published


B Manage me m

Sieve Masters Total

Resorr rce

Drop Column Fields Here Work Aya liability

BB.Oh 66.011 328 Oh 12,0h

526.0h 520,0h 526.0h 528.0h 528,0h 528.0h 528.0h 3,168.0h 520.0h 526.0h 526.0h 526.0h 3.636 Oh 7,392.0h

Level Q2 * Resource "

Level D2

B Manage me m

Sieve Masters Total

□ Operations

E Producl Development

Aaron Con

Resorr rce

Debra E. Keisei

Eric Lang

Kevin Kennedy

Will ¡am Von g Total

Afán Brewer Eradlej Beck ^ark _ee

Mate Son


Grand Total

Drop Column Fields Here Work Aya liability

BB.Oh 66.011 328 Oh 12,0h

792.0h 1,270.0h

526.0h 520,0h 526.0h 528.0h 528,0h 528.0h 528.0h 3,168.0h 520.0h 526.0h 526.0h 526.0h 3.636 Oh 7,392.0h ti

O Trusted sites

Figure 22-8: Use the PivotTable to clarify the chart.

When I clicked the minus signs next to Management and Operations, I eliminated the detailed information for the individual resources in these categories, and information in the chart became even more useful (see Figure 22-9).

If you identify a potential problem, you can draw attention to it using the collaboration tools that are provided by Windows SharePoint Services (WSS). You can create and monitor an issue or a risk. You also can respond to issues and risks. And, you can attach documents to projects, tasks, or to-do lists.

See Chapter 20 for more information on issues and risks. See Chapter 21 for more information on document sharing.

Figure 22-9: Changing the detail that is displayed in the PivotTable has the same effect on the chart.
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