Formatting the Calendar entries

By default, when you display the Calendar view, entries appear in boxes that Project calls bars. You can change the style of these bars. For example, you can make all critical tasks appear on the Calendar in red. Choose FormatOBar Styles in the Calendar view to display the dialog box that is shown in Figure 8-25. Select a type of task from the list on the left. As you make changes in the Bar shape area and the Text area, watch the Sample window at the bottom of the box for the effects of your changes.

Figure 8-25: Use this dialog box to change the appearance of the Calendar view. Add different colors for different task types, or use a line instead of a box to represent the task's duration.

In the Bar shape area, use the Bar type box to display tasks by selecting Line, Bar, or None — choosing None hides the selected task type from the Calendar view. If you choose Bar from the Bar type box, open the Pattern list box and select a pattern, which appears inside the box for the task type. You can also choose a pattern for Project to display between split tasks from the Split pattern box. Select the Shadow box to display a shadow behind a bar. (This option is available only if you choose Bar from the Bar type box.)

Select the Bar rounding box to tell Project to draw the bar for tasks that take less than one day so that the task's duration is implied. For example, use bar rounding to tell Project to draw a bar that extends three-quarters of the width of the day to represent a task that takes 0.75 days. If you don't use bar rounding, Project doesn't imply the duration of the task by the length of the bar.

In the Text area, you can include Project fields for each task type; to include more than one field, separate fields with a comma (refer to Figure 8-25). Align the text with the bar or line using the Align list box. If you chose Bar as the Bar type, you can select the Wrap text in bars check box. When you select this box, Project wraps text so that it fits within the box. For example, if you show the task name and duration in the box, and the task name is fairly long but the task lasts only one day, Project wraps the text so that the task takes more than one row when it appears on the calendar. You'll be able to read all displayed information about every task. If you don't select the Wrap text in bars check box, Project displays only as much information as it can fit in a box that's sized to match the task's duration. In the example just described, you may not see the entire task name, and you certainly won't see the task duration, because the box only spans one day.

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