Formatting selected text

To format selected text, follow these steps:

1. Move to any view that contains a table of columns (for example, the Gantt Chart, Task Usage, or Resource Sheet views).

2. Click the cell containing the text that you want to format. To format more than one adjacent cell, click the first cell. Then drag your mouse to highlight cells above, below, to the left, or to the right.

3. Choose FormatOFont to open the Font dialog box, shown in Figure 8-6. From the three lists across the top of this dialog box, you can select a new font, select a font style such as Italic or Bold (Regular is normal text that has neither italic nor bold applied), or change the font size. Select the Underline check box to apply underlining to text, or select a color from the Color dropdown palette. A preview of your selections appears in the Sample area.

Tip You can also use a context menu; instead of choosing FormatOFont, right-click and choose Font.

Figure 8-6: Project uses the standard Windows Font dialog box, so many settings are probably familiar.

4. If you prefer, you can use buttons on the Formatting toolbar to change font and font size or to apply bold, italic, or underline styles. And, you can preview fonts before you select them from the Formatting toolbar, as shown in Figure 8-7.

5. Click OK to save your changes.

Figure 8-7: When you view the fonts in the Font list box, you see a facsimile of the font as it will appear if you choose it.
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