Entering WSS server information

If you didn't supply Windows SharePoint Services server information while installing Project Server, you ran the PSCom+ package, and now you need to finish setting up the WSS server account information. Follow these steps to do so:

1. Click the Admin tab (refer to Figure 18-35).

2. From the Actions list on the left, click the Manage Windows SharePoint Services link.

3. From the Options list in the left pane, click the Connect to SharePoint server link.

4. On the Connect to SharePoint server page, provide the URL information that you received after completing the SharePoint Configuration Wizard. In Figure 18-41, you see the Connect to SharePoint server page; in Figure 18-42, you see the page of the SharePoint Configuration Wizard containing the information that you need.

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Connect to SharePoint server

Use this page to connect Project Server to a Web server running Windows SharePoint Services. Click on Test URL to open a separate page displaying the page content, and click on Save Changes to save your changes-

Enter information on the web server running Windows SharePoint Services

* SharePoint Central Administration URL; |http ://pro jectserveri 13193 | Test URL

(for example, https://servername:3456) " Create a site under this SharePoint JJRL: |http ¡//projectserver: 60/sites

SharePoint Extranet Address:

(for example, http://www.companyXYZ.com/projects) http ://pro jectserv er : 80/s ites/M S_P roj ectS e rver_Publi cD ocuments * indicates a required field.

(Recommended) Perform validation procedure before saving changes

Step 1: Verify that SharePoint Central Administration URL is valid. Show details, i si

Local intranet

Figure 18-41: Enter the URL information that you saw after running the SharePoint Configuration Wizard.

Figure 18-42: Use this information to provide the appropriate URLs.

Tip In Figure 18-41,1 collapsed the left pane to hide the Action list by clicking the small arrow in the upper-right corner of that pane. Because I hid the Action list, you can ^ see more of the screen. Notice that you can test the URL that you provide by clicking the Test URL link to the right of the first box in this figure. When you click the link, you should see the SharePoint Central Administration page.

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