Editing the registry

Unless you add a key to the registry of each computer that is running Project, you can't use the techniques that are described in this chapter. You don't see the commands and dialog boxes.

Editing the registry incorrectly can keep your computer from booting. If you aren't confident in your ability to follow these steps exactly, find someone with an advanced computing background to perform them.

Tip Back up the registry before following these steps. In the Registry Editor window, choose FileoExport, and then save the file in a location that you'll remember.

To add the registry key, make sure that Project is closed and follow these steps:

1. Choose StartORun.

2. In the Run box that appears, type regedit. The Registry Editor window opens (see Figure 16-1).

Figure 16-1: Use this window to edit the registry of each computer that is running Project.

3. Click plus signs (+) in the left pane of the window to navigate to the following key, which is shown in Figure 16-2:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\MS Proj ectAOpti ons\

Tip The path for the key appears at the bottom of the Registry Editor window.

Figure 16-2: Click plus signs to open the folders to display this key.

4. Click the Options folder so that it is selected (refer to Figure 16-2).

5. If you don't see a folder called Workgroup, you need to add it. Choose EditONewOKey. You see a new folder in the left pane of the Registry Editor window (see Figure 16-3).

Figure 16-3: Add a key.

6. Type Workgroup to name the key, and press Enter.

7. With the Workgroup folder selected, add a new String value by choosing EditONewOString Value. You see a new entry in the right pane of the Registry Editor window (see Figure 16-4).

8. To name the new string value, type Workgroup Mail and press Enter. When you finish, your screen should resemble the one shown in Figure 16-5.

9. Close the registry.

Figure 16-4: Add a string value.
Figure 16-5: The registry after adding a new key and string value.
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