Customizing Your Workgroup

You can modify the task information that appears in your workgroup messages by using the customizing feature of Project. This feature enables you to add or delete items that appear in the task information fields, rearrange the fields, or request more detailed breakdowns of task timing.

Follow these steps to customize your messages:

1. Choose ToolsOCustomizeOPublished Fields to open the Customize Published Fields dialog box, as shown in Figure 16-20.

Figure 16-20: Use the Customize Published Fields dialog box to include the information that is most relevant to your project in your workgroup messages.

2. To add a field, highlight the field in the Available fields list in the left side of the dialog box and click the adjacent right-facing arrow button (the Add button). If you add more than one new field, each new field appears above the field that was highlighted when you clicked the Add button.

Note You can remove a field that you previously added. Click the name of the field that you want to remove in the Fields in the Tasks View list in the right side of the dialog box, and then click the left-facing arrow button.

Tip If you have made several changes and want to return to Project's standard settings for workgroup messages, click the Reset button in the Customize Workgroup dia* log box.

3. Click OK to save the new settings.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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