Customizing the Project Guide to create a new project

When you start a project, you may want to collect certain project properties, such as the project title or project description. And, you may want to base the new project on a particular template. A good way to accomplish this would be to add a new task to the Tasks goal area called Create a new project. This new task will display a screen that prompts the user for a project title, project category, and project description and will display a set of option buttons from which the user can select a project template from the standard templates that are supplied with Project.

Figure 25-28: The Options dialog box allows you to select the Project Guide that is to be used with your project.

You can also design the project category interface to display a drop-down list of choices, instead of requiring the user to type in this information. Upon completing this screen, the entered information is copied to the project properties, just as if you had entered this information directly in the Properties dialog box, and a new project plan is created using the selected template. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

1. Add a new task to the Tasks goal area by modifying the default XML document Gbui.xml and adding a new GoalAreaTask called Create a new project.

2. Create a custom HTML page that displays in the side pane when the user clicks the new Project Guide task. This page will contain the necessary functionality to collect information, display a drop-down list of available categories, and populate the associated project plan properties. In this example, the HTML page scripts use JScript, a commonly used scripting language, and the VBScript language.

Configure the current project plan to use the custom Project Guide using the Interface tab in the Options dialog box.

After you create a custom Project Guide, you must make it available to the users in your organization; you have several ways to accomplish this task. You can store customized HTML pages, scripts, and XML documents locally on a user's computer, on a network share, or on an intranet or Internet server. Once you select the location where you intend to store the HTML pages, scripts, and XML documents, make sure that all the custom URL references in the Gbui.xml document, HTML pages, and scripts point to the correct file share or URL in your environment.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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