Customizing Reports

Project contains some custom reports. In addition to printing these custom reports, you can customize any of the other reports that are described in this chapter. Click the Custom category in the Reports dialog box and choose Select to open the Custom Reports dialog box, as shown in Figure 13-34.

Figure 13-34: The Custom Reports dialog box.

Not all the reports listed in the Custom Reports dialog box are custom reports. However, you can print any of the standard reports either from this dialog box or as described earlier in this chapter. Remember, though, that you must use this dialog box to print the three custom reports.

Note You can create your own reports by clicking the New button in the Custom Reports dialog box, as shown in Figure 13-34. When you define a new custom report. Project offers you four formats. Three formats are based on the reports that are discussed in this section: the Task report format, the Resource report format, and the Crosstab report format. The fourth format, the Monthly Calendar format, functions just like the Working Days report that I discussed earlier in this chapter.

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