Creating custom toolbars

Rather than modifying some of Project's toolbars, you may prefer to create a custom toolbar that contains all the tools that you use most often. You create custom toolbars from the Customize dialog box by following these steps:

1. Display the Toolbars tab of the Customize dialog box.

2. Click the New button. The New Toolbar dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 23-23.

Figure 23-23: Name your toolbar anything you like — perhaps after your spouse, your pet, or your favorite movie star.

Figure 23-23: Name your toolbar anything you like — perhaps after your spouse, your pet, or your favorite movie star.

3. Type a toolbar name and click OK. A small toolbar, devoid of tools at the moment, appears. You can drag this floating toolbar to any location on the screen that's convenient for you.

4. Click the Commands tab.

5. Click tools in any category, and drag them onto the new toolbar. Figure 23-24 shows the new toolbar that I created.

My Tuolbiii T X

Figure 23-24: Place tools in any order that you like. To move a tool, drag it to its new position on the toolbar.

6. You can add dividers (thin gray lines) to separate groups of tools on your new toolbar. Select the tool that you want to place to the right of the divider, and click the Modify Selection button on the Commands tab. The menu shown in Figure 23-25 appears.



Name: [Undo Last Command]

Copy Button Image

Paste Button Image

Reset Button Image

Edit Button Image...

Change Button Image ►


Default Style

Text Only (Always)

Text Only (in Menus)

linage and Text

Begin a Group

Assign Macro...

itegory and drag the

itegory and drag the

Figure 23-25: This menu offers options to work with button images as well as options to modify other toolbar features.

7. Select the Begin a Group command from this menu to insert a divider in your toolbar, as shown in Figure 23-26.

Figure 23-26: Place a divider on a toolbar to make logical | ij l3 aj groupings of tools that perform certain types of functions.


To delete a divider, select the tool to the divider's right and, using the Modify Selection pop-up menu, select Begin a Group again to deselect that command.

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