Creating a resource pool and sharing the resources

Setting up a resource pool in Project can facilitate resource management, especially for resources that are shared on several projects. To create a resource pool, you simply set up a project file that contains only resource information.

If you have already set up a project that contains all the resources that are available, you can use that project as a model. After you identify a project that can serve as the resource pool, you designate it as the resource pool project by using the following steps:

Note You don't need to delete all the tasks in the project that will serve as the model for *-*"" the resource pool. You just need the resource information in the file.

1. Open the project that contains the resources and that will serve as the resource pool file.

2. Open the project that is to use the resource pool (that is, the project on which you want to work).

3. Choose ToolsOResource SharingOShare Resources. Project displays the Share Resources dialog box, as shown in Figure 15-21.

Resources for 'Projects (* ;üse ¿wn resources: C* Use resources

From: | resource pool .mpp


On conflict: with calendar or resource irf ormabon i*1 EpoI takes precedence C Sharer bakes precedence

Help | | OK |

Cancel |

Figure 15-21: The Share Resources dialog box.

4. Click the Use resources option button, and then use the From list box to select the resource pool project. This indicates that you want to use the resources that are defined in that project.

Note If you open only the project on which you want to work, the Use own resources option button is the only choice available, and you can't share resources with the resource pool. The first time that you want to enable resource sharing, you must open both the project that you determined would be the resource pool and the project on which you want to work. In addition, if you have any other projects open, they appear as candidates for the resource pool project when you open the From list box, because Project enables you to select from any open project when you identify the resource pool.

5. Tell Project how to handle calendar conflicts. If you select the Pool takes precedence option button, the resource calendars in the resource pool file take precedence when conflicts arise. If, however, you select the Sharer takes precedence option button, the resource calendars in the file that you're updating take precedence over the resource calendars in the resource pool file when conflicts arise.

If you switch to the Resource Sheet view of the file that you want to update, Project displays all the resources that are contained in the resource pool file, along with any resources that you may have set up in your project file.

You can now continue working in your project, or you can save your project and close it. You can also close the resource pool file.

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