Completing the integration of Project Server and WSS

Technically, you've finished the installation and configuration of Windows SharePoint Services, but you need to complete one remaining set of steps: You need to finish the integration of Project Server and WSS by copying Project Server-specific templates to the SharePoint site. Use the Windows SharePoint Services Wizard to copy the templates. Follow these steps to finish the integration:

1. Insert the Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 CD into the CD-ROM drive.

2. When the opening screen appears, select Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.

3. On the screen that appears, click the Windows SharePoint Services Configuration Wizard.

4. On the Welcome page of the wizard, click Next.

5. On the virtual servers page (see Figure 18-21), click Default Web Site and click Next.

lííShareroirit Confian rati on Wizard BSQ

Microsoff Office tlh Project Server2003



The folowng virtual servers have been extended with Windows SharePoint Services. From the list below, select a vrtual server to create project sites on.

n 1

Back Cancel

Figure 18-21: Select the default WSS Web site.

6. On the Select the managed path under which project sites will be created page, click Next.

7. On the Enter the following information for the site page (see Figure 18-22), type in the information that you entered in the Site Owner section of the Extend and Create Content Database page (refer to Figure 18-19, and see Steps 6 and 7 in the previous section). Click Next.

8. On the We now have enough information to configure Windows SharePoint Services page, click Next.

SharePoint Configuration Wizard H® El

Microsoff Office t Project Server2003


Enter the following information for the site: (items with a * requre an entry)


♦Site Owner User Name: jprojectserver^WSSAirtn

(Example: DCMAIN\name or MACHINE}user) ♦Site Owner E-ma8 address: ^[email protected]>pro)

(Example: [email protected]

Secondary Owner User Name: Secondary Owner E-mail Address: J

Select a Project Workspace: |pi0ject Workspace - Basic Microsoft Office Profc£>J Select a Ste Quota Template: Quota

Back Cancel

Figure 18-22: Enter the Site Owner information on this page.

A status bar appears on this page, and after a few moments, you may see the message that's shown in Figure 18-23. Click OK to continue. The wizard stops running and then restarts.

Figure 18-23: At this point, the wizard stops running and restarts.

Figure 18-23: At this point, the wizard stops running and restarts.

When the SharePoint Configuration Wizard completes successfully, you see a page similar to the one shown in Figure 18-24. In the next section, when you're installing Project Server, you'll need the URL information for both Items 1 and 2 on this screen, so write them down or take a screen shot of this page. After collecting this information, click Finish.

This is another one of those places where you really need to take note of this information, either by taking a screen shot or by writing down the information.

Figure 18-24: Write down the test links that are shown on your screen because you'll need them in the next section while installing Project Server.

Finally, you need to reset IIS. Choose StartORun, and in the Run box, type iisreset and click OK. A DOS window opens, showing IIS stopping and restarting itself.

And now, you're finally ready to install Project Server.

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