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Project offers multiple views in which you can display project information. A single view can't possibly show all the information that you need to see regarding timing, relationships among tasks, resource allocations, and project progress. In fact, each type of information requires special kinds of graphical and textual displays for you to interpret it accurately. Think of a project as a small business. As in any business, different people attend to various aspects of the work. The accounting department thinks mainly of the costs of doing business. The plant supervisor focuses on operations and having enough machinery and manpower to get the job done. Your human resources department thinks of people — their salaries, hours, benefits, and so on. As the owner of your project, you are likely to wear all these hats (and more) during the project. With Project, switching to another view to see your work from a different perspective is the equivalent of changing hats as you move from one responsibility to another. Each view helps you to focus on a different aspect of your project. The View bar or the View menu enables you to jump from view to view, as shown in Figure 2-13.

Figure 2-13: The View bar and View menu offer several predefined views of your project.

The View bar contains icons for eight views; click the down arrow near the bottom of the bar to see them all. When you move down the View bar, an up arrow appears near the top of the bar so that you can return to the top of the View bar. You can display any of the views listed here by clicking it in the View bar. Similarly, the View menu contains commands for the same eight views; you can display any of the views that are listed on the View menu by clicking the command.

At the bottom of the View bar and on the View menu, you can see an item called More Views. Click More Views to open the More Views dialog box, as shown in Figure 2-14.

Figure 2-14: The More Views dialog box lists 24 built-in views — you can add your own as well.

In Chapter 6, you find out more about which view you should use to gain a specific perspective on your project. In Chapter 7, you discover how to create custom views by clicking New in the More Views dialog box.

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