Changing the Calendar layout

Use the Layout dialog box, shown in Figure 8-26, to change the layout of tasks in the Calendar view. By default, Project displays tasks in the Calendar view using the currently sorted order of tasks.


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If you don't want tasks to appear in the Calendar view using the currently sorted order, select the Attempt to fit as many tasks as possible option button. Project sorts tasks by Total Slack and then by Duration (longest task first) to try to fit the maximum number of tasks into the rows for a week without overlapping bars.

Deselect the Show bar splits check box to hide the designation for split tasks from the Calendar view. Select the Automatic layout check box to have Project automatically adjust the Calendar view to accommodate new tasks that you add or tasks that you delete.

Figure 8-26: Use the Layout dialog box to change the way that Project presents tasks in the Calendar view.

You can read about sorting tasks in Chapter 7.

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