Changing gridlines

Gridlines are those lines in your Gantt Chart and the Gantt table that mark off periods of time, rows and columns, pages in your schedule, and regular intervals in the chart. In Figure 8-16, gridlines mark off regular intervals across the chart; this format can help you read across the page on a long schedule. Also, the vertical line that marks the current date appears as a dashed line, rather than as the typical small-dotted line that you've seen in other figures in this chapter.

Figure 8-16: Displaying additional gridlines can make a schedule easier to read.

To modify gridlines, choose FormatOGridlines. The dialog box shown in Figure 8-17 appears. In the Line to change list, the options Gantt Rows, Sheet Rows, and Sheet Columns enable you to set gridlines at regular intervals. For example, the project in Figure 8-16 has the Gantt Rows set to show at an interval of every four rows. You can change the line type and color only (not the interval) for the other choices in the Line to change list. To modify these settings, highlight the kind of line that you want to change and then select the desired settings from the Type and Color dropdown lists.

Figure 8-17: You can choose gridlines from five different styles.


If you make substantial changes in the Gridlines dialog box, consider saving the file as a template for everyone else in your organization to use for their projects. This template not only saves you and your coworkers the effort of repeating the changes, but it also helps to enforce consistency throughout your organization.

While you can't undo the effects that you apply in the Gridlines box, you can simply reopen the box and select no line style in the Type box.

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