Changing a table

If a view contains a table, you can use the Select All button to quickly switch to another table. The Select All button appears in the upper left of the table portion of the view. Right-click the Select All button to open the menu that appears in Figure 6-1.

Note Project displays different choices on this menu, and the choices that you see depend on the view that is displayed when you open the menu.

Choose More Tables to open the More Tables dialog box, which displays all the tables that are available in Project, as shown in Figure 6-2.


Select All button

Select All button

Figure 6-1: Switch tables by choosing from the menu that appears when you right-click the Select All button.
Figure 6-2: The More Tables dialog box shows the tables to which you can switch in the Task Usage view.

Note The PERT tables won't appear in the More Tables dialog box until you've displayed PERT views. Read more about PERT views in the section "PERT Analysis Views," later in this chapter.

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