Calendars and resources

As you read in Chapter 3, Project uses a base calendar called the Standard calendar to calculate the timing of the project. When you first create a resource for your project, Project uses the Standard base calendar as the default (an 8-hour day and a 40hour week if you haven't changed this setting in the Project Information dialog box). As discussed in the preceding section, you can modify the dates that a resource is available; you also can modify working times. For example, you may want to change a resource's working hours or you may want to block off a period of time — such as vacation time or a business trip — for a resource, making the resource unavailable during that period.

Note The entire project has a Standard calendar, and each resource also has his or her individual Standard calendar.

Modifying a resource's working hours

Suppose that a specific resource won't be available all day on a given day, or even on several specified days. For example, suppose that all the interns work from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. To change the working hours of a resource, use the Working Time tab of the Resource Information dialog box. Double-click the resource on the Resource Sheet to open the dialog box. The resource's calendar appears with today's date selected. The Legend panel at the left of the dialog box identifies Working days, Nonworking days, Edited working hours, and edits to a day of the week or an individual day on the current calendar. Select the dates that your resource will not be available.

Note To select contiguous days on the calendar in the Select Dates section, click the first day. Then press Shift, and click the last day that you want to select. To select noncontiguous days, press Ctrl as you click or drag over each day that you want to select. To select all of any day (for example, all Sundays), click the letter of the day. Project selects all of those days, in all months.

Make the necessary changes in the From and To text boxes, as shown in Figure 5-8. The dates that you selected appear underscored in the individual's calendar because you set an exception to the regular schedule. The Legend panel shows you that the exception involves edited working hours.

Figure 5-8: Select the dates that you want to change. Project marks exceptions to the typical schedule with an underscore.

Tip If you select all of any given day. Project underlines the letter for the day instead of the individual dates.

Tip You don't need to select the Nondefault working time option button. While the dialog box continues to show that the Use default option is selected. Project auto* matically selects the Nondefault working time option button.

To avoid overallocating a resource that works part of a day, level the resource on a day-by-day basis. Read more about handling overallocations in Chapter 10.

Blocking off vacation time

Human resources take time off from work, and to avoid overallocating a person by assigning work during a vacation period, you should mark vacation days on the resource's calendar.

Double-click the resource to display the Resource Information dialog box, and click the Working Time tab. Find the date or dates that you want to block for vacation time by using the scroll bar next to the calendar. With the vacation dates selected, select the Nonworking time option. Click any other date on the calendar to cancel the selection; each date that you marked as vacation time appears with an underscore. Again, by comparing the date to the Legend panel, you can tell the reason for the exception.

Note Be aware, when selecting dates, that Project changes only the highlighted days of

*""""' the displayed month unless you select the letter of the day.


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