Building a Resource Workgroup

To use Project's workgroup collaboration features, you first must assign resources to your project and designate them as belonging to your workgroup. When you create these resources, you enter an online address so that Project can communicate with them. Follow these steps to create a resource workgroup:

1. Choose ViewOResource Sheet.

2. Enter a resource name and any other pertinent information about the resource in the columns of the Resource Sheet.

3. Double-click the resource name to open the Resource Information dialog box, as shown in Figure 16-8.

Figure 16-8: Enter a group name and e-mail address for every resource that you want in your workgroup communication circle.

4. Enter an e-mail address in the Email field.

5. Enter a group name in the Group field; this entry is required to use the workgroup features with this resource.

6. Select a workgroup from the Workgroup drop-down list. This choice should match the messaging method that you chose when you set up the workgroup manager's connection.

7. Click OK to save the resource, which is now part of the workgroup and is set up for workgroup communications.

Tip If you need to enter many e-mail addresses, you may find that editing is faster if you add a column to the Resource Sheet view for the e-mail address and the * workgroup. See Chapter 7 to find out how to insert columns.

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