Assigning resources to tasks

You can easily assign resources to tasks from the Gantt Chart view. Choose ViewOGantt Chart or use the View bar to switch to the Gantt Chart view, and then follow these steps to assign resources to tasks:

1. Select the task to which you want to assign a resource. You can click the task bar on the Gantt Chart, or you can click any column in the Gantt table.

2. Click the Assign Resources button or choose ToolsOResourcesOAssign Resources to open the Assign Resources dialog box, as shown in Figure 5-9.

Assign Resources


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Figure 5-9: Use the Assign Resources dialog box to assign a resource to the task that is identified at the top of the box.

3. Select the resource that you want to assign from the Resource Name list of the Assign Resources dialog box.

Tip Did you forget to define a resource? You don't need to return to the Resource

Sheet. Just type the name of the resource in the Resource Name column of the * Assign Resources dialog box.

4. (Optional) If you're using Project Server and you intend to use the Resource Substitution wizard, in the R/D field, type an R for Request to indicate that any resource with the required skills can work on the task. You can also type a D for Demand to indicate that the selected resource is specifically required to work on the task.

For more information about Resource Substitution, see Chapter 21.

Do one of the following to assign the amount of a resource:

• To assign any amount other than 100 percent of a resource, type the quantity of the resource as a percentage in the Units column. (Project defines units as percentages, so 100 percent equals one unit of the resource.)

• To assign 100 percent of a resource, leave the Units column blank. Project assigns 100 percent by default.

Note You don't need to type the percent sign (%); Project assumes percentages. For example, if you type 50, Project converts your entry to 50%. However, you can't assign less than 1% of a resource's time.

6. Click Assign. Project places a check mark in the leftmost column of the Assign Resources dialog box to indicate that the resource is assigned to the selected task.

7. Repeat Steps 3, 4, and 5 to assign additional resources to the selected task, or click Close.

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