Assigning a communication method

Use the Email field, shown in Figure 5-2, to supply the e-mail address of a resource. You must fill in this field if you want to use Project's workgroup feature, which enables users to assign, accept, or decline work electronically. You can make a selection from the Workgroup drop-down list to specify an electronic communication method.

Figure 5-2: Use the General tab of the Resource Information dialog box to add information about a resource, such as an e-mail address or availability.

E-mail and Project

If you're using Outlook and you've stored the resource's e-mail address in your address book, you can click the Details button in the Resource Information dialog box to have Project look up the e-mail address for you. You can then copy the address from the address book, close the address book, and in the Email field, press Ctrl+V to paste the address into the Resource Information dialog box.

However, I suspect that you'll find it faster to use the Specify people and equipment for the project link on the Resources page of the Project Guide to enter e-mail addresses for resources. When you click the link, the page changes and presents you with four options. Select the second one (Add resources from the company Address Book), click the Address Book link that appears, as shown in the following figure, and follow the on-screen instructions.

@ '^Specify Resources

Do you want to:

0 Add resources from

Project Server 0 Add resources from the company Address Book 0 Add resources from the company directory

O Enter resources manually

Click the link below to bring up the company Address Book:

Address Book,,. In the Select Resources dialog that is brought up, choose the resources you wantj and click the. Add button to add these resources to the project.


Set booking types_

You may also set the booking types for resources in this project,


Use the Project Guide to help you enter resource e-mail addresses

While Project 2003 still supports e-mail workgroups, Microsoft is phasing out this feature. It won't be available in the next version of Project.

See Chapter 16 for more about the e-mail workgroup feature. See Chapters 17 through 23 for more information about using Project and Project Server.

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