Adding menus

To add a new menu to your Project menu bar, you follow a process that is similar to that used to add a new toolbar. First, you drag a new, blank menu to the menu bar, then you assign it a name, and finally you drag commands onto it.

Note As with toolbars. Project adds new menus to your Global template file, the default file on which all project files are based. Therefore, changes that you make to menus or the menu bar are, in effect, for all files that you create with this copy of Project.

Follow these steps to add a new menu to Project:

1. Choose ViewOToolbarsOCustomize to open the Customize dialog box.

2. Make sure that the menu bar is showing on your screen. If it's not, click the menu bar item on the Toolbars tab of the Customize dialog box.

3. Click the Commands tab.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the list of Categories and click the New Menu category. The single selection, New Menu, appears in the list of commands, as shown in Figure 23-29.


Commands [ t

To add a command to a todbar: select a category and drag the coomand out of thss ckatoo box to a toolbar. Categories: Commands:

Commands [ t

To add a command to a todbar: select a category and drag the coomand out of thss ckatoo box to a toolbar. Categories: Commands:



New Menu â–º



Network Diagram

flJI Commands

All Macros

AJI Forms

Buft-in Menus

Spedd Items




_j Rearrange Commands,,.

_j Rearrange Commands,,.

Figure 23-29: The New Menu category has only one command in it.

5. Click the New Menu item in the Commands list and drag it up to the menu bar. When the dark vertical line of your mouse pointer appears where you want to place the new menu, release the mouse button. Project places the New Menu on the menu bar.

6. Select the New Menu, and then click the Modify Selection button. From the new pop-up menu, as shown in Figure 23-30, highlight New Menu and type a specific menu name. Then click outside the Modify Selection menu to close it.

Figure 23-30: The menu name should help you remember the commands that the menu contains.

7. Select a category of commands that you want to place on the new menu. If you have created a macro and want to place it on the menu, select the All Macros category, which includes standard menu-command macros as well as macros that you've created.

8. Drag an item in the Commands list up to the New Menu on the menu bar. A small, blank box appears under the menu heading.

9. Place the mouse pointer in that blank area, and release the mouse button to place the command on the menu.

10. Click Close to close the Customize dialog box.

You can repeat Steps 7 through 9 to build the new menu. To divide the menu into groups of commands, you can choose Modify SelectionOBegin a Group to add dividing lines.

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