Adding a task to a baseline

It is fairly common to set your baseline plan and then realize that you left out a step, or then decide to break one step into two steps. Perhaps your company institutes a new requirement or process, and you have to modify a task to deal with the change. You don't want to reset your whole project baseline, but you want to save that one task along with the original baseline. You can make this change after you save the original baseline.

To add a task to your baseline so that you can track its progress, follow these steps:

1. Do one of the following:

• To add a new task to the schedule and then incorporate it into the baseline, first add the task in the Task Name column on your Gantt Chart and then select it.

• To save modifications to an existing task, first make the changes and then select the task.

2. Choose Tools O Tracking O Save Baseline. The Save Baseline dialog box appears.

3. Select the baseline that you want to modify from the Save baseline list.

4. Choose the Selected tasks option button, as shown in Figure 11-5.

Figure 11-5: Make modifications to tasks, and save them in an already established baseline.

5. Choose the appropriate Roll up baselines settings (see the preceding section for details on these options).

6. Click OK to save the baseline, which now includes the new task.

Note You can add tasks to the baseline by entering them in the Gantt table, using columns such as Baseline Duration and Baseline Start or Finish. However, adding baseline data this way does not enable all baseline calculations. For example, adding a task at the end of the project with this method doesn't affect a change in the baseline finish date.

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