A note about administrative projects

New Vt When a resource reports a change in working time availability, he reports them Feature using tasks that are stored in one or more administrative projects. Furthermore, Project Web Access no longer makes calendar changes based on these working time changes; instead, it changes a resource's availability. Because of this behavior change, you, as a resource or project manager, may have an additional responsibility regarding administrative projects and may need to fill a potential communication gap. See Chapter 17 for more details.

Because of a behavior change between Project 2002 and Project 2003, you, as a manager, may need to create an administrative project that contains tasks such as vacation, sick leave, jury duty, and bereavement.

Note Your organization should standardize the way that administrative projects are handled to minimize the manual intervention that these projects require.

In this project, you assign all your resources to all the administrative tasks. When you publish this project, all the tasks appear at the bottom of each resource's time sheet with a work assignment of 0 hours. The resource can fill in time for these tasks as needed.

When the resource fills in time, you receive notification, but if your resource is assigned to projects that you don't manage, you need to notify the managers of those projects to the change in the resource's availability.

To create an administrative project, log on to Project Web Access and click the Projects link. At the bottom of the Actions list in the left pane, click the Manage Administrative Projects link. Project Web Access displays the Manage Administrative Projects page (see Figure 20-12).

Figure 20-12: From this page, you can create an administrative project.

Click the Add Project link, and Project Professional opens using a template that contains sample administrative tasks (see Figure 20-13).

Figure 20-13: Use this project as the foundation for your administrative project.

Use the Build Team dialog box — which you read about in the section "Adding enterprise resources to your project," later in this chapter — to assign the resources that you manage to this project. Then, assign each resource to every task in the project. Finally, publish the project to your Project Server database to make the administrative project and its tasks appear on the time sheets of the resources that you manage.

When you receive notification of administrative time from a resource, you need to double-check the resource's project assignments and, as appropriate, notify the managers of those projects of the resource's availability change.

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