Working with the Timesheet and Gantt Chart

You have two basic views for working with your own assignments: the Timesheet and the Gantt Chart. They both use the same table with the same set of fields on the left side of the view.

On the right side of the Timesheet, however, is the timephased portion of the view. This view shows work per days or weeks, and is instrumental when your project tracks work closely. Click the blue arrows above the timephased portion of the view to move back or forward in time.

By contrast, on the right side of the Gantt Chart are the Gantt bars showing the start, duration, and finish of each task across the timescale. The current date is shown as a dashed vertical line. Click the Zoom In or Zoom Out buttons to see more or less detail in the time span shown in the chart area.

Use whichever view you prefer for your work. To switch from one to the other, in the left pane of the Tasks area, make your selection under Show Tasks Using.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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