Working with the Enterprise Global Template

When a project manager or other authorized user checks out an enterprise project, the latest update of the enterprise global is automatically attached. The enterprise global is akin to a global template, or the "global global" over the standard project global template. The enterprise global dictates standards being enforced and customizations made available to Microsoft Project interface elements in projects throughout the enterprise. These standards provide for customization and consistency across all projects in an organization. The standards propagated through the enterprise global template also make it possible for project information throughout the enterprise to be compared and analyzed in meaningful ways.

The following list contains examples of tailoring and standardizing you might do for projects in your enterprise:

• Define custom views.

• Apply formulas to enterprise data. >-* • Design reports.

• Build and apply macros to enterprise data.

• Set up custom calendars.

• Define and customize information tables.

Table 21-3 shows all the Microsoft Project elements that can be modified in the enterprise global and integrated with all enterprise projects. The table also provides a cross-reference to the section in this book where you can find more information about customizing that particular interface element.

Table 21-3. Customizable Project Elements

Project Element

For More Information

Base calendars

"Setting Your Project Calendar" on page 70


"Customizing Enterprise Resource Fields" on page 609,

"Customizing Enterprise Project Fields" on page 625, and

"Customizing Fields" on page 788


"Customizing Filters" on page 799


"Creating and Customizing Forms" on page 827


"Customizing Groups" on page 795

Import and export maps

"Importing and Exporting Information" on page 497

Macros "Automating Your Work with Macros" on page 26xx

Macros "Automating Your Work with Macros" on page 26xx

Administering Project Server and Project Web Access for Your Enterprise Table 21-3. Customizable Project Elements

Project Element

For More Information

Outline codes

"Establishing Resource Outline Codes" on page 613, "Establishing Enterprise Outline Codes" on page 628, and "Working with Outline Codes" on page 806


"Revising a Built-In Report" on page 389 and "Building a Custom Report" on page 393


"Customizing Tables" on page 785


"Creating and Customizing Toolbars" on page 817

VBA modules

"Writing Microsoft Project Code with Visual Basic for Applications" on page 905


"Customizing Views" on page 761

Changing the Enterprise Global

By default, only the project server administrator and portfolio manager have the permission to update the enterprise global (using the Save Enterprise Global permission). However, project managers and resource managers are granted the Read Enterprise Global permission.

To check out and change the enterprise global, follow these steps:

1 Log in to the project server through Project Professional.

2 In Project Professional, click Tools, Enterprise Options, Open Enterprise Global.

The enterprise global opens as a special project plan called Checked-Out Enterprise Global.

3 Define and customize the Microsoft Project elements for the enterprise as needed. Refer to Table 21-3 to find specific instructions for customizing a specific element.

4 When you're finished working with the enterprise global and you want to check it back in to the project server, click File, Close.

5 In the prompt that appears, click Yes to save your changes.

The updated enterprise global is checked in to the project server and is now available to all project managers.

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