Working with the Embedded Object in the Project

h If an object embedded in your project is a graphic that's displayed in its proper place, you t might never need to do anything with it. With other objects, however, you need to open and

® work with them. This is particularly true of new objects you created within the project file.

<" They contain nothing until you add your own data.

To open and work with an embedded object, simply double-click the object. The source application opens, and you can use its commands and tools to work with the object as needed. When finished, on the File menu, click the Close or Exit command. The source application closes, and the object appears in your project file showing the changes you just made.

Tip Delete an embedded object

To delete an embedded object anywhere in your project plan, simply click it and press Delete.

For information about embedding information from Excel to Microsoft Project, see "Embedding Between Microsoft Project and Excel" on page 510.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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